Ticket Terms & Conditions of Sale

  1. The right of admission is reserved by ACNEM management.
  2. The right is reserved to vary, substitute or withdraw advertised speakers as necessary.
  3. This ticket is valid only when purchased through the MedEd 4 Everyone or ACNEM website.
  4. No refunds or exchanges except as provided in the Code of Practice for Ticketing. Lost, stolen or damaged tickets can be replaced/reissued upon proof of identification.
  5. Cameras and other recording devices are prohibited during the event.
  6. Mobile telephones, pagers and so forth must be turned off or put into silent mode during the event.
  7. The right is reserved to refuse admission to a ticket holder who arrives late. The ticket holder may not be allowed entry until there is a suitable break in the event.
  8. The event will be recorded, filmed and photographed.
  9. Patrons who disrupt an event, who are in use or possession of a prohibited object, or fail to produce concession ID as appropriate may be asked to leave the venue without refund of ticket purchase.
  10. If other conditions apply, they are displayed near the entrance to the venue.
  11. This ticket is sold on behalf of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Inc ABN 18 776 847 535 and is a Tax Invoice. The price displayed includes GST where applicable.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information provided during the booking process is collected solely for the purposes of ticketing and may also be used to notify you of forthcoming events in the MedEd 4 Everyone series.

Full details of the ACNEM privacy policy are available to view here.